Sort ‘n Scroll

Table Javascript

Cells will be cells. But without rows no columns.

That wisdom must be nearly as old as tables themselves. But a table sorted by the touch of a button is something really quite new. Relatively speaking. It opens a world where bits of information can be compared in powerful new ways, where speaking relatively becomes its own absolute universe. But the quality will only be as good as the information itself gets. Where things can be put in the right order with no trouble, the question becomes what the real right order is.

The functions

The below table can be sorted by clicking on a column header. Two javascript elements are responsible for this, the first pointing to the library code file sortable.js, 9.33 KB of generic sorting and some supporting functions, the second one initializing a table with some parameters:

<script src="sortable.js" type="text/javascript"></script> 
<script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
 window.onload = function() {
  initable( 'Music', [ 'rank', 'html', null, null, 'time', 'number', null ], 2, null, 28 );

The call to the initializing fuction may also be contained in external files, making the script 100% unobtrusive as jargon has it. The html tags themselves need not be touched. However, endless tweaking of sorting results is possible by building individual cells with title or alt attributes or special elements.

Multiple tables on a page are to be initialized separately by calling the function once for each one, which may be done at any time after all involved components have loaded. We chose to wait until the onload event because this is a large page and it receives external hits from visitors with a virginal cache as far as this site is concerned.

The parameters

Think of them as the sacred objects used in initiation ceremonies and rituals. These are the parameters to hand to the initializing function:

  1. a reference to the table object, or a string that corresponds to the id attribute set in the <table> tag. The script will make up an identity if the table does not have one.
  2. an array of data types, corresponding to the columns in the table, defining the sorting algorithm to use in each column. Scripts that work out the type of data by themselves, have proven to be slow, unreliable and difficult to customize. See the tablesort page for the (many) available types of data. New types can also be added for a page. Everything is optional here, columns with no data types for them will default to alphanumeric null.
  3. the index number of the column to mark as sorted initially. If this is the first column, the argument may be left out, and counting starts at 1, but rank is a special data type that doesn't count. You may insert this between any two columns to have the script maintain a ranking column along the data. Our table comes from the server sorted by artist, the second column.
  4. an optional function to run after each reshuffle, for example to manage background colours which this code does not deal with.
  5. The distance of the headers from the top, a number or something that evaluates to one, specifying the offset in pixels. By default, the header row is kept fixed at the top of the viewport when the page is scrolled down, so they stay in view at all times when the rest of the table starts disappearing and can always be clicked no matter how far down the reader has moved. To prevent all repositioning and let the headers scroll out of view like they always have done, pass a boolean false or the string "no", but if there is a banner or (like here) a search form in the way, with this parameter the header row can be told to stay away from the edge.

The currently sorted column header is adorned with the className of sorted and a picture of an arrow is inserted, or flipped upsidedown when the same cell is clicked twice in succession and the order of rows is reversed. Deal with it in CSS style rules. Specifying a lighter colour usually has a strong effect.

A cookie may be set to remember the last sorted column, so that when a user returns, he finds the table as he left it. More details are in the code, also available syntax highlighted.

The table

The example is a bit long to demonstrate the speed of the script and the fixed position of the headers bar. Scroll down and the headers will scroll along. Note that the default data type, null in the above code—although 0 and '' could also be used—compares the text that is read in a cell, ignoring nested tags like the <a> tags in the table. For that is the html type, as active in the column of images.

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mp3 America A horse with no name 04:08 3981607
mp3 Art of Noise Moments in love 10:16 9857149
mp3 Bangles Walk like an Egyptian 03:24 3266472
mp3 Beethoven Missa Solemnis in D Major 06:06 4908314
mp3 Beethoven Moonlight sonata 01:13 366276 by Graham Jones
ram Beethoven Symphony no. 9 00:58 116640 Ode to Joy
mp3 Bette Midler The rose 03:36 3471697
mp3 Bill Cosby Noah 07:51 7537185
mp3 Bill Withers Ain't no sunshine when she 's gone 02:35 25949
mp3 Bob Dylan Blowing in the wind 02:25 8432
midi Bob Dylan Go down Moses 03:27 3346134 live 17 October '87
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