JScript or JScript?

Basic Javascript

The very dry fact that they called it JScript in the first place, was pure theft. The precedence set by Netscape's robbery of Sun's Java language, when they rebaptized their LiveScript into JavaScript, was no excuse. There are so many languages in the world, then why must the number of computer languages grow while the diversity in spoken languages is decreasing at an alarming rate? And why must they hide or misguide of confuse their identities by associating themselves with whomever? There is one standard ECMAScript, but the implementation has as many guises as the moon shades.

They haven't stopped changing the rules. Forward compatibility includes backwards compassion as ever.

Your version

If you have Internet Explorer 5.0 or better installed on your machine, or are running a Windows 2000 or later operating system, your scripting engine knows about the following functions. They are the same in JScript, Visual Basic and VBScript. This exact script has been copied from the Microsoft website:

function GetScriptEngineInfo() {
   var s;
   s = ""; // Build string with necessary info.
   s += ScriptEngine() + " Version ";
   s += ScriptEngineMajorVersion() + ".";
   s += ScriptEngineMinorVersion() + ".";
   s += ScriptEngineBuildVersion();

Some clever code can be added to make this actually run:

if( typeof ScriptEngine!=='undefined' ) {
 document.forms.f.elements.output.value = GetScriptEngineInfo();
} else {
 document.forms.f.elements.output.value = 'Sorry, no ScriptEngineInfo available.';

Then marvel at the <input> element named output:

Output Current scripting engine:

There is safety in numbers. There is no denying.