Mark the bookmarklets

Useful bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are simple tools that extend the functionality of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla and Opera. They can do things that that are not necessarily even remotely related to anything internet or cyber.

Ordinary bookmarks are static links to other pages, because their protocol is http://. However, javascript: is an equally valid protocol. Another one would be mailto: (well, perhaps not on every machine). Javascript functionality is normally downloaded together with the page, to handle form validation, image rollovers and flip and fold menus, to save and or enhance the real estate that is the screen, but it can also be added later by firing a bookmarklet. You can execute some Javascript code within the current page. Or something that opens a completely new window and leaves the current one unaffected.

Highlight or otherwise modify text, change colours, lookup maps, words, flip or sort tables. Your imagination is the limit (or your programming skills or your time, whichever comes first). Just look at the code, and how it relates to what happens. Then change a little bit.

For more in depth information (and more bookmarklets), try

To install a bookmarklet, add it to your bookmarks like any other link (right-click on it and choose Add to Favorites... or drag the link to the Favorites menu, the Links bar or your Personal Toolbar). When a security question pops up, simply answer 'Yes' or 'OK'. The code is then integrated in your browser.
A folder named Bookmarklets within the bookmarks may be an idea. Some screenshots show a simple bookmarklet and an advanced collection.
To remove a bookmarklet, right-click on it and choose Delete.
To rename a bookmarklet, right-click on it, choose Rename and type a new name.
To edit a bookmarklet, right-click on it, choose Properties and change the code. A special bookmarklet-editor such as Bookmarklet Edit may help.

The bookmarklets presented on this site all work in Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows. Many also work in other environments. (Bookmarklets longer than 508 characters do not work in IE6. This is a serious shortcoming, of which Microsoft has been notified.) Each comes with its own testpage, where you can simply click on it if you want to try before bookmarking.

Name Works in
Juke Yes
Meta Yes
Alphabetize Yes
Change colors No
Conversion formulas Yes
Right-click No
Cookie Yes
Url+ & Url- Yes
Up Yes
Scrollbarcolor Rescue Yes
Whois Yes
Window Size Yes
Make window 800x600 Yes