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Thank you for visiting. Without you this page would not exist. But before philosophy takes over, let 's have a look at what the php programming environment on the server actually knows about you:

The context in which Javascript operates, reveals even more intimate details:

René Magritte, The Human Condition, 1935.

Impressive, he? If you choose to contact us, we may also find out your name and email address.

The point here is that all this data is lost the very moment when you leave this page. This is a good thing because privacy matters. The only trace that you leave in our log, the only thing we will know is a certain browser requested this page at a certain time. Together with visits to other pages a pattern arises revealing your interests and reading habits. Together with those of other visitors a picture emerges of what you might be looking for. This information is solely used to improve the site wherever we can. We wouldn't have the first idea on which continent to start if we wanted to come and hunt you down.


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An excerpt from the 1983 Eurythmics song Sweet dreams.