4umi Sun Tzu

孫子 (Sun Tzu)

 Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu, outfitted as a general of the Chinese army.
* c. 544 BC - † c. 496 BC

Sun Tzu was a general in the army of the state of Ch'i now 2,500 years ago. His birthname has been recorded as Sun Wu in the state archives. He is said to be the author of a collection of essays on the subject of warfare, which still graps the imagination of generals, managers and lovers today: The Art of War. Little is known about the man, his name means simply "Master Sun". No records of the circumstances of his death have survived.

The most fundamental of principles laid out in this book, is this:

All warfare is based on deception.

Read the book, but be warned that you may be deceived.

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 Sun Tzu The Art of War