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King Henry the Sixth

By William Shakespeare.

Premiered circa 1590.


Dramatis Personæ.


Partly in England, and partly in France.

Act I.

Scene i. Westminster Abbey.

Scene ii. France. Before Orleans.

Scene iii. London. Before the Tower.

Scene iv. Orleans.

Scene v. The same.

Scene vi. The same.

Act II.

Scene i. Before Orleans.

Scene ii. Orleans. Within the town.

Scene iii. Auvergne. The Countess's castle.

Scene iv. London. The Temple-garden.

Scene v. The Tower of London.

Act III.

Scene i. London. The Parliament-house.

Scene ii. France. Before Rouen.

Scene iii. The plains near Rouen.

Scene iv. Paris. The palace.

Act IV.

Scene i. Paris. A hall of state.

Scene ii. Before Bourdeaux.

Scene iii. Plains in Gascony.

Scene iv. Other plains in Gascony.

Scene v. The English camp near Bourdeaux.

Scene vi. A field of battle.

Scene vii. Another part of the field.

Act V.

Scene i. London. The palace.

Scene ii. France. Plains in Anjou.

Scene iii. Before Angiers.

Scene iv. Camp of the York in Anjou.

Scene v. London. The palace.

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