Cross-a-word editor

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This page serves as a tool for the creation of games, a dedicated crossword builder for all your crossword building needs. Written in Javascript and HTML alone, it outputs (when finished) all the code for a minimally complete webpage with your crossword game, so that it can be customized to no end but also played directly in any normal browser (and IE) with no further requirements, on- and offline, and printed at any stage, not unlike the demo.

Throw a few letters in the grid. To type a black square marking the beginning or end of a word, the hash and dot can be used, which are just as easily overtyped with a letter, except the hash version features a request for confirmation. Spaces and other characters are welcome too, each with its own virtue. The script updates the word list as you type. Clueless words are listed in red. Click an item to edit the description(s) to suit your theme. These are maintained when the form is reset. While there remain a few issues on the todo-list, with a tad of Ajax it is now possible to search for words by pattern in the Match box below.

The cross


The clues

The code


The game