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4umi play

As of now available here to play directly in your browser, with plenty of mouse as well as keyboard functionality, use of cookies, flash and advanced javascript. That is to say, a particular feature may not work correctly in a particular browser on a particular platform at all times. It 's part of the game.

If you only want to loosen up after a stressful day at the office, play a little with the ballonstring which lets you set the rules as you go. For more serious cases, try some bubblewrap. If you believe Stomachion is a game, please inform us how to win it. Or did you mean to play Conway’s Game of Life?

Although most games come with some sort of sound, the horsechoir is the only playful adventure in our stable dedicated to music. Then there is Juke.

Word games

For various purposes, you may wish to look up words by patterns of letters. Still trouble finding words? Try the Acronym Server or Anagram Server.

Games of mental skill

Mouse games

Ball games