4umi Rudyard Kipling : If / Если in Russian

If— in Russian


Translated by Russian translator Михаил Лозинский (Mikhail Lozinsky; Гатчина (Gatchina), 20 July 1886 - Ленинград (Leningrad), 31 January 1955) according to narod.ru.


Translated by poet and fiction writer Владимир Корнилов (Vladimir Kornilov; Dneptopetrovsk, Ukraine, 1928 - Moscow, 2002) according to poetry_pearls.


Translated by Самуи́л Я́ковлевич Марша́к (Samuil Marshak; Voronezh, 3 November 1887 - Moscow, 4 June 1964) according to poetry_pearls.

Если сможешь

Translated by contemporary artist Алексей Грибанов (Aleksey Gribanov) according to lib.ru.

Из тех ли ты...

Translated by Russian poet Алы Шарапова (Alla Sharapova; Moscow, 1949) according to lib.ru.


Translated by Юрий Изотов (Yuri Izotov ) according to poetry_pearls.
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