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If— in the life

You're rnd

From: Surgeon Commander McCracken of the Royal Naval Division (rnd), towards the end of World War I, in The incubator, a publication of the rnd's home base at Blandford.

If you can stand the Quest

Written by Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew during his last Antarctic expedition in 1921, on a piece of cardboard now in the National Maritime Museum. Wuzzles is a reference to the ship's hydrographer F.A. Worsley. The Quest is the name of the ship. The inspiration for the poem is easily understood, as the explorer pointed out before he left:
Shackleton party off for Antarctic. London, Sept. 17, 1921.
The Chicago Tribune Co. Full article (pdf).

An “If” for Girls

(With apologies to Mr. Rudyard Kipling)
By Elizabeth Lincoln Otis.
Published in: Father: An Anthology of Verse, EP Dutton & Company, 1931.

If (after Rudyard Kipling)

From: University of Illinois Library Collections.
Prior to World War II, British citizens had for many years been the most highly taxed wage earners in the world. Yet from the beginning of the war to March 1943, the British people had put over twenty billion dollars into war savings. The popular campaigns of the war—Spitfire Funds (1940), War Weapons (1941), Warships (1942), Wings for Victory (1943), and Salute the Soldier (1944)—encouraged donors by pointing out specific items their contributions could purchase, much as the War Savings Bonds campaigns in the United States. The economic importance of these savings campaigns in Britain lay in their anti-inflationary effect.
Possibly “A.L.S.” indicates the name of the author, but certainly ‘als’ is the Dutch word for ‘if’.

If (By Mr. Kipling)

From: Kevin Connolly for BBC Get Writing NI.

Advice to an Applicant

Parody Rudyard Kipling – If
Jonathan Robin, London, 21 Februrary 1990 & 23 May 2005.

If— (you want to be a true jihadi)

From: John Derbyshire for National Review Online, 8 August 2006.

If elsewhere

But certainly equally worthwhile:
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