4umi Rudyard Kipling : If / Wenn in German

If— in German


Translated by Anja Hauptmann, German writer, and granddaughter of Gerhart Hauptmann, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1912; sung by Suzanne Doucet.

Wenn .....

Translated by Anja Hauptmann as well, according to Stalky und Co. Mit Gedichten.


Translated by German writer Lothar Sauer (* Essen, 1930) in 1960, at lothar-sauer.hollosite.com.
According to uni-mainz.de/˜pommeren, the opening lines are:

If / Wenn

Translated by Izzy Cartwell, 13 September 2009, also at wachtang.de.


Translated by Christian Rieseneder, 2012, previously published in Austrian Mensa magazine.
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