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Statue of William Shakespeare in Leicester Square, London.

For comments, requests or questions regarding anything found or not found on this website, please direct your inquiries towards . If your message did not look like spam and you have not received a personal reply in a week's time or so, please send it again. Sometimes things get lost on the www.


Data becomes information when ordered in the right format. Information becomes knowledge in the hands of the right people. Started in the year 2000 as a collection of -now- rather primitive HTML-pages, mainly about poetry that was -then- lacking online, today 4umi serving its (well, almost) 1GB of content to hundreds of visitors every day using xmlhttp, php and various database technologies. Ten years later we are still going strong and growing on an irregular basis (see a rather incomplete changelog of the work in progress), yet at the end of the day where it all will lead to ultimately remains to be seen.


We publish experimental code and classical texts and many things in between. Whenever a project in someone's daily life, i.e. day job, offline, irl, results in readily available data, this is copied to an appropriate place for publication and indexing. Scripts of all kinds and sizes are used to check, doublecheck, format and deliver the content to the user. Contextualizing and presentation aspects are ongoing challenges.

Some pages are accessible at multiple addresses, with different extensions or none at all. It is recommended to link to url's without extension and without a www. subdomain. Every url is designed to be short, descriptive and stable, because links from elsewhere are highly appreciated. We like to believe visitors can find something of value here. Certainly they will never find ads, popups, viruses or any of the notorious online nuisances.