Change the Size of the overlaying image
Change Width
width width
Change Height
height height
Keep Proportions
Width :
, Height :
Reset Original image Size
Setting up your Custom Map Data for Google Maps
  • First position the map on the concerned geographic location.
    you can use the lat / long / zoom and Go There Directly.
    Center Latitude of the Map:
    Center Longitude of the Map:
    Zoom : Go There
  • To add your own image on top, it has to be on a server (
    Set the URL * .
  • Superpose by transparency as well as possible. Drag your image around and to resize it press down Shift+Mouse.
  • Click to gather image and map info below
    The top corner of your custom map is in Tile(Google Maps Tile needed for the Tile Cutter)
    X : , Y : , Z :
  • These are the graphical changes you will have to make to your image to make
    it fit perfectly into the Google Maps Tiling:
    • X Padding (amount of pixels) to add on the left side of the image :
    • Y Padding to add on the top of the image :
    • My image Scale on image width :
    • My image Scale on image height :
    • X* :
    • Y* :
    • Z* :