4umi Hermann Hesse : Siddhartha


Eine indische Dichtung
(An Indian tale)

By Hermann Hesse, 1922.

The book is split is two parts. Chapters 1 to 4 are dedicated “to Romain Rolland, my dear friend”; chapters 5 and following “to Wilhelm Gundert, my cousin in Japan”.

  1. The son of the Brahman
  2. With the Samanas
  3. Gotama
  4. Awakening
  5. Kamala
  6. With the childlike people
  7. Sansara
  8. By the River
  9. The Ferryman
  10. The Son
  11. Om
  12. Govinda
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 Hermann Hesse Siddhartha The son of the Brahman With the Samanas Gotama Awakening Kamala With the childlike people Sansara By the River The Ferryman The Son Om Govinda Der Steppenwolf Poetry