4umi Khalil Gibran : The Vision

The Vision
Reflections on the Way of the Soul

Arabic writings by Khalil Gibran,
as translated by Juan R. I. Cole and posthumously published in 1994.
cover of the 1994 edition
The 1994 cover
The 1998 reprint
cover of the 1998 edition
“Have mercy, my Soul. For you revealed Love to me and then concealed it.
You and your beauty in light, and ignorance and I in the darkness.
Can light and darkness ever mix?”

    The Anthem of Humanity
On Insight
    A Handful of Sand
On Rebellion and Liberty
    The Vision
On Poverty
    My Friend
On Defeat
    The Captive King
On Pride
    The Philosophy of Logic
On Faults
    The Most Great Ocean
On Poetry
On Human Unity
    The voice of the poet
On Hidden Realities
    The husk and the pith
On Beauty
On Nature
    Flower song
On Progress
    Children of Gods, Scions of Apes  
On Tragedy
On Body and Soul
    Have Mercy, my Soul
On Learning
    My Soul gave me Good Counsel
On Giving
    My Soul is Heavy Laden
On Perfection
On Wisdom
    The Visit of Wisdom
On Death
    The Beauty of Death
On Loyalty
    The Poet of Baalbek
On Immortality
    The letters of fire
On Heedlessness
    Between Reality and Fantasy  
On the Next World
    The Realm of Happiness
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