4umi Khalil Gibran : The Prophet

The Prophet

First published in 1923 by Alfred A. Knopf in New York, The Prophet is among the first books that Khalil Gibran originally wrote in English. It has since been translated in more than a hundred languages.

The Prophet, who has lived in a foreign city for twelve years, is about to board a ship that will take him back home. He is stopped by a group of people, who interrogate him about the mysteries of life...

The Prophet in 1936
The 1936 pocket version, in leather, with a gold gilt top edge and a black ribbon marker, about 4 by 5¼ inches.
A more recent edition, with a portrait of Almustafa from a drawing by Gibran.

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Lebanese writer Mikhail Naimy, a friend of Gibran, reveals some personal history behind the creation of the book in an article published 1964 in Saudi Aramco World magazine, A Strange Little Book.

Some of the parables have inspired music composers to put The Prophet to music. See and hear for example Richard Harris or Hans Kunneman.

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