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Democritus was found 8 times on 6 pages:
  1. Introduction 11 Nov 2009, 34.88 KB
    of man. Epicurus adopted the Atomic theory of Democritus, according to which the primary... which is essential to the system. Democritus had taught that the heavier atoms
  2. Zero by Dick Teresi < mirror < 4umi 13 Sep 2012, 36.27 KB
    years. The pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Democritus of Abdera put forth the idea of a... Plato, however, disagreed, and Democritus' particle physics was abandoned in
  3. code/past.txt 15 Jul 2012, 479.40 KB
    in Macedonia aged around 74|died 0000 370 BC: Democritus, Greek philosopher, considered the
  4. M. Tvlli Ciceronis 10 Nov 2009, 50.92 KB
    deinde eadem illa atomorum, in quo etiam Democritus haeret, turbulenta concursio hunc
  5. M. Tvlli Ciceronis 25 Feb 2011, 75.14 KB
    obiit, tot maria transmisit? Cur haec eadem Democritus? Qui—vere falsone, quaerere
  6. M. Tvlli Ciceronis 25 Feb 2011, 84.78 KB
    extremitas, mente peragravisset. num quid tale Democritus? ut alios omittam, hunc appello, quem
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