4umi Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

* Ottery St Mary, Devonshire, 21 October 1772 - † Highgate, 25 July 1834
STC in 1795.
English poet, co-founder of the Romantic Movement.

Coleridge's most famous work, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner was first published in 1798 as part of the Lyrical Ballads, a collection of poems by Coleridge and his friend William Wordsworth. It was republished in Coleridge's bundle Sibylline Leaves in 1817.

The poem inspired heavy metal band Iron Maiden to a thirteen minute epic drama.

Another one of Coleridge's most enduring poems, Kubla Khan, or a Vision in a Dream. A Fragment., first published 1816, inspired Xanadu, a song of eleven minutes by Canadian rockgroup Rush in 1977, as well as Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 1984 debut album title song Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

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