4umi Cicero : De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum

De Finibvs Bonorvm Et Malorvm

Cicero's work De finibus bonorum et malorum, published the year before his death, explores deeply ethical matters in uncompromising clarity. It gained special popularity during the revival of interest in classical culture known as the Renaissance. Read some context at epicurus.info or stanford.edu. Visit www.lipsum.com to learn how some of the words have grown a very different history in very different contexts and why they are found so abundantly on the world wide web.

The title may be translated into English as On the Greatest Degrees of Good and Evil, On the Ends of Good and Evil and The Extremes of Good and Evil. The most widely available translation is the one H. Rackham made in 1914, published by William Heinemann in London, reprinted 1983. He added an extensive introduction.

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