4umi Lu Chi

Lu Chi

* 261 - † 303
Chinese writer. Also known as Lu Ji.

Best remembered for his essay on the act of writing Wen Fu, Lu Chi transcends time and space with his insights, his clarity and poetic imagery.

Based on Essay on Literature, a translation by Shih-Hsiang Chen, 1953, Rhymeprose on Literature, by Achilles Fang, 1965, and Sam Hamill, 1991. A more liberal translation is titled The Art of Letters, by E. R. Hughes, 1951:

“The poet stands at the hub of the universe contemplating the mysteries...
Oblivious to sight and sound, he is lost in reverie... He fishes up living words from the deep seas, and brings down beautiful images like birds on arrowstrings shot out from the clouds.”

— Lu Chi, Wen Fu.

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 Lu Chi The Art of Writing