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Does time loop?
24 April 1479 BC: Thutmosis III is crowned the sixth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty, according to the Low Chronology of ancient Egypt.
24 April 1002: The body of Cornish saint Ivo of Ramsey, found the previous year by a peasant while ploughing his land in Cambridgeshire, is translated to the newly established Ramsey Abbey.
24 April 1254: Bishop Geoffroy de Loudon consecrates the enlarged choir of Le Mans Cathedral in France.
24 April 1533: William of Orange, leader of the Dutch independence war against Spain, is born in Dillenburg.
24 April 1731: Daniel Defoe, English writer who popularised the English novel, dies, probably while in hiding from his creditors, aged around 70.
24 April 1947: The first synchrotron light is seen at the General Electric Research Laboratory in Schenectady, New York.
24 April 1990: The Hubble Space Telescope is launched from the Discovery space shuttle.
The difference between expressing love and having regret, is that regret can last forever. ~ Charles Hanson Towne (1877-1949)
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4umi user made info         Painting by Raphael, La Scuola di Atene or The School of Athens, 1509-1511, fresco on the wall in the Palazzo Apostolico in the Vatican, 7.7×5.0 m.