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Does time loop?
24 May 1032: Persian polymath Avicenna observes a transit of Venus across the Sun.
24 May 1500: Bartolomeu Dias, Portuguese explorer, aged around 50, dies at sea near the Cape of Good Hope, which he was the first European to sail around in 1488, calling it the Cape of Storms.
24 May 1595: The first printed catalog of an institutional library, the Nomenclator of Leiden University Library is published.
24 May 1626: Peter Minuit, director-general of the Dutch colony of New Netherland, buys the island of Manhattan from a Native American tribe for goods to the value of 24 dollars.
24 May 1819: Alexandrina Victoria, queen of the United Kingdom from 1837 until 1901, is born at Kensington Palace, London.
24 May 1844: At the inauguration of the first telegraph line Samuel Morse sends the words “What hath God wrought” from the United States Capitol in Washington to his assistant Alfred Vail in Baltimore.
24 May 1923: The Irish Civil War ends with the final defeat of anti-Treaty IRA forces and confirmation for the Irish Free State.
24 May 1941: Bob Dylan, American singer, is born Robert Allen Zimmerman in St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth, Minnesota.
24 May 1956: The first Eurovision Song Contest, held between seven countries in Lugano, is won by the host Switzerland.
24 May 2006: The documentary film by former United States vice president Al Gore about global warming “An Inconvenient Truth” is released.
Death is not extinguishing the light: it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
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4umi user made info         Painting by Raphael, La Scuola di Atene or The School of Athens, 1509-1511, fresco on the wall in the Palazzo Apostolico in the Vatican, 7.7×5.0 m.