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Does time loop?
18 July 390 BC: The Gauls defeat the Romans at the Battle of the Allia, according to Roman scholar Varro on this day, but more probably in 387 BC.
18 July 64: A great fire consumes large parts of Rome, while, according to rumor heard by Tacitus, emperor Nero plays the lyre and sings the “Sack of Ilium”.
18 July 1100: Godfrey of Bouillon, Frankish knight, first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem after the First Crusade, refusing the title of king as he felt that belonged to God alone, dies in Jerusalem, aged around 40.
18 July 1290: King Edward I of England issues the Edict of Expulsion, ordering Jews out of country.
18 July 1334: The bishop of Florence blesses the first foundational stone of the new campanile bell tower of the Florence Cathedral.
18 July 1610: Caravaggio, Italian painter, dies of a fever in Porto Ercole at age 38.
18 July 1635: Robert Hooke, English physicist, is born on the Isle of Wight.
18 July 1866: The first commercially successful transatlantic telegraph cable is laid on the ocean floor by the SS “Great Eastern”.
18 July 1905: Einstein's dissertation “On the Motion of Small Particles Suspended in a Stationary Liquid, as Required by the Molecular Kinetic Theory of Heat” is published, the second of his four worldchanging Annus Mirabilis papers.
18 July 1918: Nelson Mandela, South-African politician, is born in Transkei.
18 July 1955: Disneyland opens in Anaheim, California.
18 July 1968: Intel is founded as Integrated Electronics Corporation by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce in Mountain View, California.
If a poet masters the secret of change and order, he will channel them like directing streams to obtain a fountain. ~ Lu Chi, 3rd century Chinese author of Wen Fu or The Art of Writing
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4umi user made info         Painting by Raphael, La Scuola di Atene or The School of Athens, 1509-1511, fresco on the wall in the Palazzo Apostolico in the Vatican, 7.7×5.0 m.