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Does time loop?
25 November 571 BC: Servius Tullius, king of Rome, celebrates a victory over the Etruscans.
25 November 885: Paris, capital of the kingdom of the West Franks, is besieged by Viking Danes, who are defeated a year later but set in motion the fall of the Carolingian dynasty and rise of the kingdom of France.
25 November 1491: The Treaty of Granada is signed and ratified between Muhammad XII, the sultan of Granada, and Ferdinand and Isabella, the king and queen of Castile, León, Aragon and Sicily, guaranteeing religious tolerance and fair treatment to the Moors in return for their surrender after ten years of fighting.
25 November 1833: An estimated 8.9 earthquake rocks Sumatra, killing “numerous” on the southwestern coast of the island with a tsunami|nat.
25 November 1835: Andrew Carnegie, Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist, is born in Dunfermline.
25 November 1837: British contractor Richard Tappin Claridge is granted a patent for the use of asphalt “applicable to Paving and Road making, covering Buildings and various purposes” in Great Britain, having picked up the idea in France, where the Place de la Concorde was one of the first places to be asphalted in 1835.
25 November 1844: Karl Benz, German car engineer, is born in Mühlburg.
25 November 1952: The Agatha Christie crime play “The Mousetrap” opens in the West End of London to become the longest running show of any kind ever with over 24000 performances and counting.
25 November 1974: U Thant, Burmese diplomat, third Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1961 to 1971, dies in New York at age 65.
He who cannot forgive others destroys the bridge over which he himself must pass. ~ George Herbert
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4umi user made info         Painting by Raphael, La Scuola di Atene or The School of Athens, 1509-1511, fresco on the wall in the Palazzo Apostolico in the Vatican, 7.7×5.0 m.